Suspect in Dutch assassination case dies in Spanish prison: Report

Amsterdam criminal Dennis M. died of a cardiac arrest in prison in Spain, reliable sources told AD and Het Parool. The 44-year-old man was a suspect in a large investigation around a series of underworld assassinations in Amsterdam and surrounds in 2014.

M. was a cousin and confidant of Gwenette Martha, who was assassinated in 2014, according to the newspapers. After a failed assassination attempt on Martha in December 2013, the gang around him took revenge and murdered a number of their rivals, the authorities believe.

M. was suspected of ordering a number of these murders, including the murder of Amsterdam criminal Alex Gillis, the attack that resulted in the mistaken identity murder of Stefan Regalo Eggermont, and the murder of Massod Amin Hosseini - who the authorities believe acted as gunman for the gang around M.

Dennis M. was serving an 11-year prison sentence in Spain for managing large-scale cannabis plantations. The appeal in his case was still ongoing.