Girl, 10, dies after falling from asylum center's window

A 10-year-old girl from Eritrea died in a hospital in Maastricht on Thursday after she fell from a window of the asylum center in Heerlen on Saturday, a spokesperson for the central agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA confirmed to De Gelderlander.

The girl fell from a first floor window, and very unluckily landed on her head. She was rushed to the academic hospital in Maastricht with serious injuries.

"The doctors at the hospital fought for her life, but on Thursday it turned out that further treatment was no longer sensible," the COA spokesperson said to the newspaper. The girl succumbed to her injuries. 

The child's father was recently granted refugee status and a residency permit in the Netherlands, which will also apply to the other members of his family, the spokesperson said. "It is sad if you flee your country and then have to lose your child here," he said. "Her death has a major impact on the residents of the asylum center, family and employees of the COA."

Victim Support was called in to assist the girl's family and other residents of the asylum center.