Man dies in possible fight at Weert asylum center

Dutch police at the scene of a crime
Dutch police at the scene of a crimePhoto: twixx/DepositPhotos

The police are investigating the death of a man at a shelter for asylum seekers on Kazernelaan in Weert on Wednesday morning. 

At around 8:45 a.m. the police and other emergency services responded to the asylum center after receiving a report of a possible fight. At the scene, they found the man's body. He was a resident of the asylum center, according to the police.

"The police are taking multiple scenarios into account and are investigating", the police said. Investigators currently assume the man was killed in a crime. 

At this stage, the victim's identity is unknown. 

The Kazernelaan center is a former military academy barracks that can house up to a thousand asylum seekers at a time. The shelter has been in use since September 16, 2015, according to the COA, the Dutch agency that handles the reception of people seeking asylum.