Enschede lawyer still hospitalized after drive-by shooting

Dutch bankruptcy attorney Philippe Schol was still in recovery on Thursday after he was struck by a bullet during a drive-by shooting in Germany. The second high-profile shooting of a Dutch attorney in two months stunned police, prosecutors, and the Minister of Justice and Security.

Witnesses said he claimed to know who shot him shortly after the Wednesday morning incident. His condition was improving a day later, and he was able to briefly speak with detectives twice, German authorities told broadcaster NOS.

Authorities in the Netherlands and Germany knew that Schol had been threatened, Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus confirmed to RTL Nieuws. He called the incident a “huge shock” and “terrible news.” He then stated that the system has to be able to urgently protect “the guardians of our constitutional state” when they are attacked.

“We understand that this incident, after the terrible incident in Amsterdam, evokes many emotions,” said Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Marthyne Kunst. It is an important time for all officers of the court to come together as colleagues regardless of their roles in the system, added Kunst, who helps lead the prosecutor’s office in the Eastern Netherlands district.

“We think it is important that people know that we have an eye on what is going on, that we are identifying potential risks, and acting accordingly,” said Karlijn Baalman, the District Police Chief for the Twente region.

German police were searching for a small white car as part of an investigation into the shooting.


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