Enschede lawyer seriously hurt in drive-by shooting

Update 12:45 - RTL Nieuws identifies the victim as 43-year-old Philippe Schol

A lawyer from Enschede was injured in a shooting in Gronau, just across the border in Germany near the Twente village of Glane, on Wednesday morning. He was walking in the street when he was shot at from a moving car. The lawyer was rushed to hospital with serious injuries, AD reports.

The police assume this was a targeted action against the lawyer. "There must be a relationship between perpetrator and victim", a police spokesperson said to AD. The man was conscious and able to communicate with first responders, the spokesperson said.

The shooting happened a few meters across the German border from Glane, on Lossersestraße. Witnesses report hearing three shots. The Dutch police closed down the border, and both Dutch and German police are searching for the perpetrators. They were driving a white car with Dutch license plates.

The lawyer in question often works as a bankruptcy trustee. "Reliable sources" told AD that he has been threatened for some time and has personal security. 

The Enschede lawyer is the second Dutch lawyer targeted in a shooting this year. In September defense lawyer Derk Wiersum was shot dead outside his Amsterdam home.