Hydrochloric acid poured on Amsterdam man; Roommate held

A 34-year-old man had hydrochloric acid poured over him on Johan M. Coenenstraat in Amsterdam on Monday. A 63-year-old man was arrested on aggravated assault. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment, the police said in a statement on Tuesday.

The police responded to the scene at around 1:40 p.m. on Monday, after receiving a report of someone being doused with hydrochloric acid. When the responding officers arrived, the 63-year-old man immediately came up to them and told them that he threw hydrochloric acid into the victim's face. 

The officers arrested th 63-year-old man and helped the victim. A bottle with a label reading 'zoutzuur', Dutch for hydrochloric acid, was seized from the scene. 

The victim was taken to hospital, where he received treatment and was then sent home to recover. He pressed charges of aggravated assault.

The suspect is in custody. The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. 


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