Four years for grenade explosion at Amsterdam club

Mad Fox club logo
The brass logo of the Mad Fox club hangs off the side of the W Hotel on Spuistraat. An exploding hand grenade and two false bomb threats closed the club in April 2019. June 26, 2019Photo: NL Times

 A 34-year-old man was sentenced to four years in prison by the court in Amsterdam for a hand grenade explosion at club Mad Fox on Spuistraat in Amsterdam. The sentence is equal to what the Public Prosecution Service demanded, reports.

The court considered it proven that the man had the hand grenade in his possession and deliberately caused an explosion at the club, located underneath the luxury W Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam. The man not only wanted to cause damage to the club, but also intimidate people, the court ruled. 

In sentencing, the judge took into consideration that the man refused to give clarity about this crime and the choices that led him to this point. The fact that he did not take responsibility for his actions was also an aggravating aspect in his sentence.

The explosion happened during the early hours of April 5th. No one was injured. In the months before the incidents, there were several reports of hand grenades at the club, but the police never found any explosives. The city of Amsterdam closed down the club indefinitely after the explosion.