Dutch man arrested for child sex tourism in Philippines, Thailand

Police guard in a detention center
Police guard in a detention centerPhoto: Politie

The police arrested a 55-year-old man in his home in Haarlemmermeer on Tuesday on suspicion of child sex tourism, the Public Prosecutor said on Friday.

The man is suspected of sexually abusing multiple minor girls in the Philippines and Thailand and the possession of child pornography, the Prosecutor said. The authorities believe he was about to travel back to the Philippines. "There are no indications that he also abused minors in the Netherlands."

The police searched the man's home and seized data carriers including computes, CDs, DVDs, and mobile phones. They also seized over 70 thousand euros in cash, for the most part in 500 euro notes.

The Prosecutor called on the Dutch public to report it if they suspect that someone they know is involved in sexual exploitation of children anywhere in the world. "This is a serious crime that is punishable, also when the abuse took place abroad."