Massive, inexplicable differences in costs for municipal building permits

There are massive differences in the costs involved in getting a building permit for new homes from Dutch municipalities, according to homeowners' association VEH. The association wants Minister Kasja Ollongren of Home Affairs to put an end to the large differences in municipal building fees, Omroep West reports.

VEH inquired bout getting building permits for a home with a price tag of just under 300 thousand euros in various municipalities. "In The Hague you pay 2 thousand euros for a permit. In Leiden it is already 3,500 euros, while in Wassenaar you're out 8,800 euros, and in Voorschoten even 12 thousand euros", spokesperson Hans Andre de la Porte said to the broadcaster. "The differences cannot be explained."

The association calls on municipalities to be more transparent about the costs they charge, because as far as VEH can see, the differences are inexplicable. "We have been asking municipalities for years why they are so expensive for this type of permit, but the answer has not been forthcoming", the VEH spokesperson said. 

VEH calls on Minister Ollongren to intervene. "Every year the minister says that the differences are not intended, but do something about it. That does not happen."