Dutch far right taking gambles like “Johnson with Brexit” says Labour leader

PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher lashed out at PVV leader Geert Wilders and FvD leader Thierry Baudet on Facebook. He accused the far right leaders of "playing poker with our securities", like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is doing with the Brexit, AD reports.

Asscher said that he is "stunned and worried" by the situation in Great Britain. "Almost every hour there seems to be news again. Johnson is trying to put parliament out of play. The parliament trying to block Johnson's plans for a no-deal. Then twenty one MPs expelled from the conservative party. Four votes, four defeats for the new prime minister. The oldest party in Europe - and with it the whole of British politics - is shaking to its foundations." 

While this may seem like "fantastic entertainment" with "unexpected plot twists, betrayals and tears", there are major consequences, Asscher stressed. "It's a bunch of boarding school boys playing poker with the security of the British population at stake." He refers to job losses and shortages of fuel, food and medicines. "The economy that, after years of growth, is in danger of falling back into recession due to he Trump trade wars and the chaos of the Brexit." 

According to Asscher, Wilders and Baudet are doing the same as Johnson by "flirting" with a Nexit. "They also play poker with our securities. There is never a clear answer as to how they will absorb the economic damage. How they want to keep the Netherlands safe and prosperous outside of EU cooperation. And in the end, it's the people at home who get the bill for this game of poker."


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