Dutch businesses largely unconcerned by Brexit chaos

Dutch businesses are largely unconcerned by the United Kingdom's approaching departure from the European Union, research agency SEO Economic Research said in a report on Wednesday. Only 15 percent of the 684 businesses the SEO spoke to have noticed Brexit related problems. Over 55 percent said they experience little to no issues resulting from the Brexit, NU.nl reports.

For the time being, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU on October 31st. But whether that will happen with or without trade agreements in place is still a mystery. This lack of clarity leads to uncertainty for businesses. Over a third of Dutch businesses told SEO that they'd rather have a no-deal Brexit than continue dealing with this uncertainty

Most of the companies SEO spoke to believe they are thoroughly prepared for the Brexit. 40 percent said that they are also prepared for a no-deal Brexit. And just under 15 percent said that they are not yet sufficiently prepared.

With only 58 days to go until the Bexit, there is still no clarity on what the UK's departure from the EU will look like. That uncertainty increased on Tuesday evening, when the British House of Commons took over the parliamentary agenda in a vote, according to NU.nl. This allows the House of Commons to vote on Wednesday on legislation that will make a no-deal Brexit impossible and again delay the Brexit date, this time to January. 

"The consequences of this vote mean that parliament is about to ruin every possible deal with Brussels", British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a response, according to the newspaper. "That means more dawdling, more delay and more confusion." After the vote, Johnson announced that his government would submit a motion to call for early elections.