Uber launches discrimination button after A'dam driver refused drag queen

This week ride-hailing company Uber launched a special complaint category for reporting discrimination in the Netherlands. This was prompted by drag queen Jennifer Hopelezz being refused a ride in Amsterdam earlier this month. Both drivers and passengers can use the button, and the complaint will be dealt with by email, chat or phone call, depending on its severity, NOS reports.

Punishments for discrimination will range from a warning to being barred from the Uber app, a spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

After the incident 2.5 weeks ago, Jennifer Hopelezz had a conversation with Uber and the Discrimination Hotline for the Amsterdam region. According to the Pride Ambassador, it regularly happens that taxi drivers refuse LGBTQ passengers. She was also refused by a taxi driver in Amsterdam in 2016. This resulted in the taxi driver being suspended. "I then feel angry, hurt and humiliated", Hopelezz said in a video made in collaboration with Uber to draw attention to the problem. 

Early this month the taxi companies active in Amsterdam signed a declaration of intent to create a discrimination-free taxi market. They all agreed to take measures to fight discrimination. Uber's discrimination button is one of these measures. The company is looking into introducing the measure worldwide, a spokesperson said to NOS.