Weekend festivals put heat plans in place with sweltering weather expected

Some 25,000 daily visitors are expected to attend the Best Kept Secret festival at Beekse Bergen Safari Park, and festival organizers said it is no problem if ticket holders want to bring their own refillable water bottles. It is part of the festival’s plan to deal with temperatures likely to reach 31 degrees on Sunday.

Also in Noord-Brabant, the Breda Jazz fest was getting prepared for very hot weather. “First Aid is on high alert. We are also distributing water if it gets too hot,” spokesperson Willem Schoonebeek told Omroep Brabant. With bands spread out across 22 stages, the festival is hopeful it can prevent people from packing into tight groups at a handful of locations.

“That means that the public is more dispersed. That naturally also helps,” Schoonebeek said.

Intents, a multi-day event in Oisterwijk, was also planning for tens of thousands of visitors, according to NOS. Their organizers added extra canopies to give everyone the possibility of catching some shade, and the concessions stands reduced the price of bottled water.

“We have installed fans in some festival tents. There are also extra points where you can get free water,” spokesperson Remko Hermans said to the broadcaster.

Best Kept Secret said on social media posts that drinking water was going to be available from the tap at its toilet facilities, and it was already selling metal bottles online and at its merchandise stand to make sure the music fans in attendance will be able to stay hydrated. They also encouraged people to bring plenty of sunscreen.

Het wordt schitterend weer komend weekend, dus drink genoeg water! ☀ Dit is de nieuwe Best Kept Secret-waterfles, die je...

Geplaatst door Best Kept Secret Festival op Dinsdag 28 mei 2019

The Amsterdam Open Air Festival was also scheduled this weekend, and partnered with the organization Celebrate Safe to help pass along tips to its attendees. About 15,000 people were likely to attend the two-day event, which features nine stages in the city’s Gaasperpark.

“Take your time to chill, care for others and always think for yourself. These things seem so logical but can sometimes easily been forgotten when you’re having fun,” the festival said in a statement. Celebrate Safe recommends that festival-goers wear loose-fitting clothes, and that campers bring extra layers for inclement weather and temperature changes.

“So always check the weather forecast before leaving for a festival, and make sure you’re prepared for anything,” Celebrate Safe said.