Amsterdam installs cameras on NDSM campus after many incidents

Surveillance cameras
Surveillance cameras. (Photo: Pixinooo/DepositPhotos)

Police cameras are being installed at the campus on the NDSM site in Amsterdam Noord after an "unacceptable" number of incidents, mayor Femke Halsema said in a letter to the city council. Incidents involved rape, burglary and muggings, and attempts thereto, she said, reports.

The cameras come on top of previous measures taken, such as extra police patrols, better lighting, and "resilience training" for local residents. "Despite these measures, the number of incidents is unacceptably high", the mayor said.

According to Halsema, camera surveillance is "necessary to maintain public order, to increase the sense of security of residents, and to prevent criminal offenses that affect order and peace in this area." The cameras will remain in place for at least six months. 

Student union ASVA already raised concerns about safety on Amsterdam campuses, specifically mentioning the one on the NDSM lot.