Man, woman found killed in nature preserve attack

Police investigate stabbing in Heerlen Brunssummerheide
Police investigate a double-fatal stabbing in Heerlen at the Brunssummerheide nature reserve. 7 May 2019photo: Politie

Two people were found killed in a nature preserve near Heerlen. The man and woman were the victims of an act of violence at the Brunssummerheide, police in the Limburg province said.

A person walking in the nature area found the woman's lifeless body along with a dog and called police just before noon. About 30 minutes later a dead man was found near the first crime scene, which was then reported in to police. He also was accompanied by a dog.

"It is not yet clear whether the man and the woman know each other," police said in a statement. "It is also unclear what happened at Brunssummerheide. The police are investigating whether other people are involved in this case," the official statement noted.

Multiple regional and national media outlets reported that a stabbing was the apparent cause of death. Authorities have not identified the victims' ages.

The location of Kamperheideweg, which leads into the southwestern side of the conservation area, was provided by police. The road connects to a trail that serves as the entrance for an off-leash dog walking area.

Both dogs were unharmed in the attack


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