Warmest Easter Monday ever measured in Netherlands

Monday went into the record books as the warmest Easter Monday since temperature measurements started in the Netherlands in 1901. Maximum temperatures climbed to 24.8 degrees Celsius in De Bilt on Monday, breaking the 24.7 degrees record from 1949, Weerplaza reports.

While Monday was the warmest Easter Monday in Dutch history, it wasn't the warmest April 22nd. That record still stands at 26.6 degrees Celsius in De Bilt, dating from last year.  

Due to the nice weather, outside attractions in the Netherlands were extremely busy over the long weekend. Keukenhof, for example, called on day visitors not to come to the flower park on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

Tuesday will also be sunny and warm, with maximums ranging between 20 degrees on the Wadden and over 24 degrees in the south of the country. From Wednesday there will be more clouds, and a higher chance of showers. The day will still be warm, with maximums between 20 and 25 degrees expected.