Roermond school shooter charged with double attempted murder

A 16-year-old boy who went to his Roermond school heavily armed last year, tried to murder two people, according to the Public Prosecutor. The boy will therefore be charged with double attempted murder, De Limburger reports.

The charges may still be decreased to double attempted manslaughter. That will depend on whether the Public Prosecutor can find sufficient evidence to prove premeditation. The secondary school pupil is also suspected of attempted aggravated assault, threats and weapons possession. The trial is set to start in July. The maximum sentence for a 16-year-old is two years of juvenile detention.

On Friday morning, 14 September 2018, the boy went to his school - the Kennis- en Expertisecentrum de Donderberg - heavily armed. He had an airgun, knives and an ax with him. He fired multiple shots, both inside and outside the building, but did not hit anyone. Teachers managed to talk him down and overpower him.

Thus far the authorities said nothing about the boy's motive. At the time the police suspected that he was arguing with another pupil. The police also found pepper spray and knives in the boy's home when he was arrested. He spent a brief period in a juvenile institution, but was then released to await his trial in freedom.