Brother of murdered rapper wakes from coma

Faisal Mssyeh, better known as Feis Ecktuh
Selfie of Feis Ecktuh. 5 May Feis Ecktuh / Instagram

The 31-year-old brother of murdered rapper Feis woke up from his coma, the police announced. The man was seriously injured during the early morning hours of New Year's day in a shooting that left his brother dead.

The shooting happened on Gouvernestraat in Rotterdam. According to the police, the shooting followed a quarrel in a club. "A senseless bar fight which they had nothing to do with seems to be the reason." The police are still investigating who shot the rapper, real name Faisal Mssyeh, and why.

"I was like a robot. One had to be buried and the other is fighting for his life", the two victims' mother said to the police. "I can not describe it in words, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone." The mother will give an interview on Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday.