Icy roads trigger code yellow warning

Motorists in the Netherlands are warned to take extra care when commuting to work this morning. The roads may be icy and slick due to wet parts freezing overnight. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning for the entire country, except for the Wadden islands.

"Chance of slickness. All traffic participants may be hindered. Adjust your driving behavior. Follow weather reports and warnings", the KNMI warns. The code yellow warning is in effect until 11:00 a.m. By then the iciness should have melted away.

Tuesday will be a mix of sunshine and clouds, with a shower falling here and there, according to KNMI. Maximum temperatures will climb to around 4 degrees Celsius. 

Wednesday is expected to be mostly cloudy with light snow moving across the country from southwest to northeast. Many places will get between 1 and 3 centimeters of snow, the KNMI expects. Afternoon temperatures will range from 1 degree in the northeast to 4 degrees in the southwest.