Boxtel brawl arranged on social media: report

A brawl involving around 100 young people in Boxtel on Sunday morning, was pre-arranged on social media. The two groups of young people agreed to fight each other on the Markt when the clubs closed at around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, Brabants Dagblad reports.

The police tried to calm the situation down, but the young people turned on them. One officer was grabbed from behind, another was punched in the face, and the young people threw fireworks, cans and food at the cops. The police eventually used their batons and a police dog to get the fighting group off the Markt.

Acting mayor Fons Naterop called the events shocking. "You do not expect something like that in Boxtel. You expect a great nightlife and not that young people turn against the police. That is really unacceptable", he said to Omroep Brabant. "The police are just there to help."