Another icy night ahead for the Netherlands

A dusting of snow in Diemen, 22 Jan 2019
A dusting of snow in Diemen, 22 Jan 2019Photo: Dries Arnolds / NL Times

The Netherlands has a freezing cold night behind it, and another one on the way. Places that got a lot of snow on Tuesday saw minimums drop to below -10 degrees on Wednesday night, according to Weerplaza. The same can be expected on Thursday night.

Meteorological institute KNMI's weather model expects temperatures to drop to -12 degrees on Thursday night, but according to Weerplaza, history shows that "such bitter cold nights should seldom be underestimated". Some places may see minimums of -14 degrees. The last time temperatures dropped to below -13 degrees at a KNMI weather station, was in March 2013, according to the weather service. 

Thursday will be mostly cloudy, with some winter showers expected in the southwestern parts of the country. Maximums will hover around 0 degrees. Friday will also by cloudy, with showers moving from the west to the east of the country. With temperatures around 0 degrees, there is a chance of snow, especially in the east and northeast. 

KNMI still has a code yellow warning in effect for the entire Netherlands, warning of slick and icy roads. "All traffic participants can be hindered. Adjust your driving behavior. Follow weather reports and warnings", the meteorological institute warns.