Second suspect arrested in 2017 Venlo murder

Police equipment, including handcuffs, baton, and two-way radio, on a Dutch squad car. (photo: twixx / DepositPhotos)

The police arrested a second suspect in the investigation into the murder of Kemal Zengin in front of his home in Venlo in August 2017. The 27-year-old man from Rotterdam is suspected of involvement in stealing the car that was used in the shooting, the police said in a statement.

Zengin was gunned down on Klingerbergsingel in the Venlo neighborhood of Blerick during the early hours of August 22nd, 2017. The police believe it was a targeted attack.

Earlier this month the police arrested a 28-year-old man from Rotterdam, also on suspicion of involvement in the theft of the vehicle used in the murder. He is still in custody, the police said.