Jihadist books in library of Vught prison: report

Vught prison
Vught prison. (pneuman.nl photo)Vught prison

The prison library in Vught, which also serves the prison's terrorist department, contains several radical Islam books that glorify the armed jihad, suicide bombings and the humiliation of Jews and Christians, the Telegraaf reports based on a book list in its possession.

The book list was given to the newspaper by a prisoner. The fact that the books are available in the Vught prison is striking, as the deradicalization of detainees in the terrorist department is a spearhead for the prison. 

The custodial institutions department DJI confirmed to the Telegraaf that these books are indeed in the prison library, but added that they are not simply given to anyone.

The CDA and PVV want an explanation from the Minister of Justice and Security.