Dutch teen, 17, has been in custody in Spain for months


A 17-year-old boy from Noord-Holland has been in custody in Spain for four months. Two underage British girls accused him of sexual assault, but no official charges have yet been filed against Charly T. The teenager himself denies the girls' accusations, AD reports.

"The Spanish judiciary is pretending I had a terrible Master Plan to get two underage girls drunk and then sexually abuse them. But that is not so. I am not a serious criminal", T. said in a telephone interview with Nieuws en Co on NPO Radio 1.

T. was arrested in mid-August at the end of a vacation in Alicante with his father and brother. Two British girls, aged 12 and 14, filed a police report against him, accusing him of sexual abuse. The younger girl told the police that T. snuck vodka into their cola during a farewell party at the communal pool. He then put his fingers into the vagina of one girl and his penis into the mouth of the other, she said. The older girl said she can't remember anything of that morning. 

The Dutch teenager denies these accusations. He says that he kissed the two girls and fingered the older, but with her permission. She wanted more, but he refused, T. said to NRC late last month. According to him, there was no question of "sexual abuse". 

T. is in custody in a juvenile detention facility near Alicante. According to him, it is a re-education center with a strict regime. "Some employees are nice to me, but most are not. They call the things I am accused of 'terrible' and I have the impression that sometimes they're harsher with me. Especially if I do not listen according to them, but that is because I often do not understand Spanish", he said to Nieuws en Co. 

CDA parliamentarians Martijn van Helvert and Pieter Omtzigt asked Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs for an explanation on what is happening in this case. They want to know whether the Dutch teen is safe in the Spanish juvenile detention center, and what the Ministry is doing to help him.