2018 in top 3 hottest years ever measured in Netherlands

The current calender year will definitely be in the top three hottest years ever measured in the Netherlands. 2018 will likely come in second place with a average temperature of 11.4 degrees, though that will depend on what the weather looks like this last week of the year, Weerplaza reports.

The hottest year ever measured in the Netherlands is 2014 with an average temperature of 11.7 degrees. 2006 is currently in second place with 11.2 degrees. 

The average temperature for 2018 currently stands at 11.6 degrees. But as the coming week is expected to be cold, Weerplaza expects that the average will drop to 11.4 degrees. According to the weather service, the chance of 2018's average temperature climbing above 11.7 degrees is very small. And while next week will be cold, it will not be cold enough to drop the average temps below 11.2 degrees. So second place seems all but set for this year.

According to Weerplaza, the average temperature is normally around 10.5 degrees. 2018 is the fifth consecutive year with a considerably higher average. Eight of the ten hottest years since measurements started in 1901 were in this century. The other two were in the nineties. 

In the thirties the average temperature for the Netherlands was 8.9 degrees. Since then it rose by 1.6 degrees. KNMI climate modules indicate that if global warming continues, 11.4 degrees will be a normal average in 2050.