Netherlands might see some snow this weekend

Snow in Amsterdam, 11 Dec 2017
Snow in Amsterdam, 11 Dec 2017Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

Over the coming days maximum temperatures will gradually drop to just above zero by the end of the week. There is even a small chance of snow by Sunday night, Buineradar weather woman Amara Onwuka said to RTL Nieuws. "The weather models do not yet agree with each other about the snow, but in any case it will get colder and it will certainly freeze at night."

Monday's windy and rainy weather will give way to calmer, but colder weather on Tuesday. "On Tuesday it will be around 7 during the day and about 3 degrees at night. Wednesday will be 5 degrees during the day and Thursday 4 degrees. The nights and mornings will be freezing. Friday, the mercury will only just rise above zero during the day", Onwuka said.

According to Onwuka, it is certainly possible that there may be some snow over the weekend, but other weather models show dry weather, or wetter and warmer weather. It can therefore go in any direction.

This week a year ago the Netherlands was covered in snow, even resulting in code red weather warnings. "The snowfall then came from the same kind of situation as the weather maps now sketch", she said.