Illegal cigarette factory found in warehouse with tied-up people

police. (Photo: Politie)

A possibly illegal cigarette factory was discovered in a warehouse in Susteren where six people were found tied up on Tuesday night, the police said. Whether there is a link between this factory and the people being tied up is currently under investigation.

The six persons were freed by the police and taken to a police station, where they gave their statements. "Presumably the warehouse in which the men found themselves was robbed. Whether that has to do with the illegal cigarette factory and how many people were involved in the robbery is not yet known at this moment", the police said. "It is clear that the Polish men were tied up by several men."

The police arrested the owner of the warehouse and are currently investigating whether - and in what way - he is involved in the cigarette factory and the presence of the tied up men in his warehouse. 

The police were led to the warehouse on Baakhovenerweg by a blood-covered man, who had crashed a car through the warehouse's gate and asked for help at a home in the neighborhood.