SWAT team arrests 12 at out-of-control party in Rijen

Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie)Members of a Dutch police SWAT team (Stock Photo: Politie)

A SWAT team arrested 12 people after a family party got out of hand in Rijen during the early hours of Wednesday morning. A fight broke out and there are reports that a gun was fired. The police are investigating, Omroep Brabant reports.

The party was held in De Vijf Eiken hall on Oosterhoutseweg in Rijen. The fight broke out around 1:00 a.m. Dozens of police officers and a SWAT team responded to the scene. The SWAT team took 12 people out of their cars on Ooosterhoutseweg and arrested them. They left the party shortly before the police arrived. The detainees are suspected of public violence.

According to the police, nobody sustained gunshot wounds. But a number of people had to go to hospital for other injuries, including a head wound that required ambulance transport. At least two of the injured persons are pressing charges of aggravated assault, according to the broadcaster.