Winter weather to give way for milder temps later this week

Cloudy day along Entrepotkade, Amsterdam Oost, 4 Sept 2018
Cloudy day along Entrepotkade, Amsterdam Oost, 4 Sept 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

This week will start out cold and gray in the Netherlands, but warmer weather is ahead. From Wednesday the weather will turn autumn-like. "It can be around 11 to 12 degrees on Thursday and Friday", Buienradar weatherman Arjan Willemse said to RTL Nieuws. 

"The weather will be different than what we have been used to lately", Willemse said to the broadcaster. "We are now dealing with cold weather and an eastern current. Wednesday the wind will turn and come from the south." The usual temperatures for this time of the year is around 7 or 8 degrees, Willemse said. "We have recently been dealing with gray and calm weather. From Wednesday we'll have to deal with rain and wind."

But before the weather turns milder again, the Netherlands will first have to deal with a few cold days. Monday morning starts out cloudy with minimum temperatures between 1 and 4 degrees, according to Weerplaza. Maximums won't climb above 5 degrees, but a moderate easterly wind will make it feel colder.

Tuesday will be somewhat sunnier, especially in the north of the country. But the day will still be cold with maximums between 3 and 5 degrees and a moderate easterly wind.