Drenthe alderman assaulted during visit to trailer park

Arrest (Photo: Politie) policeArrest (Photo: Politie)

Alderman Jan Zwiers of the municipality of Coevorden in Drenthe was assaulted by a resident of a caravan camp in the village of Steenwijksmoer on Wednesday. The alderman walked away with a black eye, broken glasses and torn pants, RTL Nieuws reports.

Zwiers visited Steenwijksmoer to talk to residents of the village about the caravan camp. The residents complained that residents of the camp create a lot of waste. The alderman also wanted to talk to the people living in the camp. Once there, he was attacked by the man.

The alderman pressed charges and the aggressive man was arrested.

Mayor Bert Bouwmeester of Coevorden is shocked by the incident. "In Coevorden we opt for a style of governance in which we go out a lot and speak with as many inhabitants as possible. It can't be allowed that you face this kind of aggression and be limited in your way of governing", the mayor said, according to the broadcaster. 


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