Car searched for explosives after Den Bosch arrest

A member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Picture: Twitter/@Corvettemichel). (A member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Picture: Twitter/@Corvettemichel))

The Den Bosch police arrested a man suspected of having explosives with him on Monday evening. The man was arrested in a car parked on Vogelstraat, near a police station, a fire brigade barracks and a mosque. Explosive experts searched his car, but no explosives were found, the Oost-Brabant police said on Twitter.

The police arrested the man after a tip. The person who tipped off the police said the man told him that he was in possession of an explosive. 

The detained man is 49 years old and has no known place of residence. He was kept in custody overnight and will be questioned on Tuesday.

The police closed down the area around the man's car while the explosive experts were investigating. As a precaution the fire brigade barracks and part of the police station were evacuated.