Two Russian spies arrested in Netherlands: report


Two Russian spies were arrested in the Netherlands, with the help of Dutch military intelligence service MIVD, this past spring. The two were on their way to Switzerland to hack into a laboratory currently doing investigations that may negatively affect Russia, NRC reports based on its own research.

The two Russians were planning to hack into the Spiez laboratory, according to the newspaper. The laboratory is currently investigating poison gas attacks by the Syrian regime, an ally of Russia, as well as the attempted assassination of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in England. According ot the British, Russia was behind the attack on Skripal. The Russians were carrying equipment to break into a computer network when they were arrested.

The MIVD would not confirm the arrests to NRC. Swiss intelligence service NDB did confirm to the newspaper that Russian spies were discovered in The Hague and deported. The NDB was working with the Dutch and British authorities on this case, and the arrests thwarted "illegal actions against a sensitive Swiss infrastructure", according to NRC.