Hague city councilor under extra security after colleague's death

PvdE city council member in The Hague Arnoud van Doorn is receiving extra security since the death of PVV city councilor Willie Dille early last month. According to Van Doorn, the extra security is the result of a threat analysis. "I was already being threatened, but the threats have increased", Van Doorn said, ANP reports.

Dille committed suicide last month after posting a video on Facebook in which she said that she was abducted and raped by a group of Muslims. She also said that Van Doorn was behind the rape. 

Van Doorn used to belong to the PVV, until he converted to Islam. He is now a city councilor for Muslim party PvdE. He denies the accusations Dille made against him. According to Van Doorn, the threats he received increased after Dille's video and death.

The Public Prosecutor would not tell ANP whether a threat analysis was done for Van Doorn or whether he is under extra security. 


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