Three arrested for attempted assassination in Amsterdam

Dutch police Arrest team
File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie). (File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie))

The police arrested thee suspects for trying to assassinate a 31-year-old man from Alkmaar on an industrial estate on Moezelhavenweg near the A5 in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning. The victim, an employee of a spy shop, was beaten with a firearm, NOS reports.

 The perpetrators actually wanted to shoot the victim, but their firearm malfunctioned and wouldn't fire. So they beat him with the firearm instead, before fleeing in a stolen Audi Q5. The Alkmaar man was seriously injured.

The getaway car was later recovered after a tip. A SWAT team arrested the three suspects in a home in Slotermeer on Wednesday afternoon. They are in restricted custody, which means that they are only allowed contact with their lawyer.

According to De Telegraaf, the spy shop the victim worked for sold eavesdropping devices to Astrid Holleeder. She used them to make incriminating recordings of conversations with her brother, criminal king pin Willem Holleeder, which are now being used against him in court.