Schiphol security workers to strike on September 4th

Unions FNV and CNV are calling on security officers at Schiphol Airport to strike for 24 hours on September 4th. Strikes will also be held at other locations, but the unions have not yet said where, NOS reports.

"Schiphol has already received a notice from us because a 24 hour strike has consequences for the airport and air traffic", Mohamed Gafki of FNV said, according to the broadcaster. "Agreements can now be made to ensure that things go smoothly. Passengers can be informed in a timely manner, tickets can be rebooked, flights can be canceled, and so on."

According to Schiphol, this strike will affect some 200 thousand travelers. "It goes without saying that if there is no security, that would have far-reaching consequences", a Schiphol spokesperson said to the broadcaster. The airport hopes that the unions and security employers will reach an agreement before the strike date. 

The security workers want a salary increase and adjusted rosters. Over the past weeks guards held 15 minute strikes at Schiphol at various times in the day.