Record number summer days in Netherlands

The beach in Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland. Source: Flickr/d_vdm

So far this year the Netherlands had 51 summer days - days on which temperatures climbed to 25 degrees or higher in De Bilt, according to Weeronline. 2006 also had 51 summer days, but spread over the entire year.

Sunday was the 51st summer day of 2018. Only one more hot day is needed to break the 2006 record. This may happen on Wednesday or Thursday, when maximums of around 25 degrees are expected. Temperatures also often climb to above 25 degrees in late August and September, according to Weeronline. In 2006 the 51st summer day only happened on September 22nd.

On average the Netherlands has 26 days per year in which maximums climb to 25 degrees or higher in De Bilt. This year the country had two national heatwaves, from July 15th to July 27th and from July 29th to August 7th, during which temperatures in De Bilt was 25 degrees or higher every day.

Especially May and July had more summer days than normal. In May temperatures climbed to above 25 degrees 13 times in De Bilt, compared to the usual average of only three days. And July had 21 summer days, compared to the usual nine. Up to Sunday August had eight summer days, compared to the usual average of seven. September usually has two days with temps higher than 25 degrees.

On Monday the Netherlands can expect maximum temperatures ranging between 22 and 24 degrees. There will be rain and thunderstorms across the country. The biggest storms are expected in the center and east of the country during the afternoon.