Second heatwave on the way, meteorologists expect

Meteorologists expect that the Netherlands may face a second national heatwave by the end of this week. Over the coming week maximum temperatures of above 25 degrees, and sometimes even above 30 degrees, are expected. 

For a national heatwave, the weather station at De Bilt must measure maximums of 25 degrees or above for five consecutive days, and three of those days must have maximums of 30 degrees or higher. "It is quite possible that we will reach that again at the end of this week. Then we'll have a second national heatwave", weatherman Maarten Stam said to RTL Nieuws. 

The previous national heatwave started on July 15th and lasted for 13 days. It broke on Saturday, when temperatures at De Bilt stayed below 25 degrees. 

De Bilt is one of few places for which this will be a second heatwave. In the greater part of the country, the first heatwave is still continuing. "It is likely that we will have the longest regional heatwave ever this year", Stam said to the broadcaster. 

Having two heatwaves in one summer is quite exceptional in the Netherlands. Since temperature measurements started in 1901, this only happened in 1941 and 2006.