Dutch woman murdered on Malta; ex-boyfriend arrested

Shannon Mak from the Noord-Holland town of Monnickendam was found murdered on Malta on Friday morning. The young Dutch woman was found lifeless between two cars with stab wounds in her neck. Her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old Dutch man Jelle R., was arrested, the Telegraaf reports.

Two friends of Shannon went to the crime scene over the weekend to place flowers on the wall. "I can talk about it, but I'm crying on the inside", one of them, also Dutch, said to the newspaper. "I'm not only friends with Shannon, but also her ex-boyfriend. I just can not believe that this happened, and that he did this to her. It is terrible. We wanted to do something for Shannon, so we came here to put up flowers."

Jelle R. was arraigned on Saturday. A video shows him hiding his face as he arrives at court, sitting in a car next to a police officer. He is suspected of murdering Shannon Mak and carrying a weapon without a permit. He denied being involved with Mak's murder, according to the newspaper. R. was remanded into custody for the time being.