Videos: Hundreds participate in silent march for Rotterdam rape victim

Protest sign against sexual harassment
Protest sign against sexual harassmentPhoto: Alec Perkins / Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of people participated in a silent march through Rotterdam on Tuesday. The march was a protest against sexual harassment and violence, and to show support for a young woman who was brutally raped in the city. They carried signs with texts like "No means no", "We are not objects", "Our rights are not up for grabs, neither are we", and "Private property, consent mandatory".

The protesters marched from Rotterdam Centraal to the district of De Esch, taking about the same route as the Indonesian exchange student cycled before being raped and assaulted in front of her home on Herman Bavinckstraat early on July 21st. The young woman was injured to such an extent that she needed surgery.

"This is a nightmare, I also have two daughters", one participant said to NOS. A local resident added: "I joined out of compassion for the girl." 

The march was in protest against sexual abuse in general, one of the initiators said to the broadcaster. From harassment on the street to rape and assault. The organizers received thousands of reactions and statements of support, they said.

An 18-year-old man from Rotterdam was arrested last week as a suspect in this case. He was tracked down based on surveillance camera footage, and his DNA was later matched with traces found on the victim. 

Two local residents collected over 500 cards and messages for the victim. 

Heel erg Bedankt voor het organiseren van deze Stille Tocht. Mijn gedachten gaan uit naar de Indonesische studente en haar familie...En naar allen die op wat voor manier dan ook, te maken hebben gehad met geweld. Nee Is Nee...
Let alsjeblieft op elkaar, zorg voor elkaar. ❤

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Geplaatst door Barbara De Boer op Dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Na de verkrachting van een studente van de Erasmus University Rotterdam afgelopen week organiseert een groepje vrouwen nu een stille tocht richting de Esch om daar stil bij te staan. De boodschap: hoop en liefde.

Geplaatst door OPEN Rotterdam op Dinsdag 31 juli 2018