Suspected moped thief, 15, hit by police van

Police Van
A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia)

A 15-year-old boy was hit by a police van while running from the police in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening. The boy got trapped between the van and a fence, NOS reports.

The police noticed the boy dismantling a moped in the bushes near Cornelis Lelylaan. The officers thought that the moped may be stolen, and when the boy took off running the officers got back into their van and gave chase. The boy suddenly appeared in front of the van and the officers couldn't stop in time, according to the police.

The teenager was hit and became trapped between the police van and the fence of an apartment complex on Cornelis Lelylaan in Nieuw-West. 

Local residents said that it seemed as if the police was trying to crush the boy when he was trying to climb over the fence, according to NOS. One told the broadcaster that the police van was driving "maybe 50" kilometers per hour. 

According to the police, the boy was taken to hospital with a leg injury. He was taken into custody after treatment.

In a video sent to AT5 the teenager can be heard sobbing in pain. The video contains some strong language and may not be suitable to young or sensitive viewers.



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