Eindhoven woman, 86, stuck in floor duct for hours


An 86-year-old woman was rescued from her home in Eindhoven on Saturday night after being stuck in a floor duct for nine hours. She slipped while cleaning and got her shoulder stuck in the duct, a kind of radiator in the floor, her daughter told Omroep Brabant.

Neighbors went to check on the elderly woman after not seeing or hearing from her for a few hours. They found the woman stuck. The fire brigade came to rescue her.

The victim was taken to a hospital. "She was hypothermic, in shock and fairly dehydrated", her daughter said to the broadcaster. "She is now on cardiac monitoring."

The woman's cat Beertje kept her company during her ordeal. "My mother is very devoted to this animal. Beertje saw that something was wrong and sat with her all the time. How loyal such an animal can be."