Dutch court bans biker gang Satudarah

On Monday the court in The Hague banned motorcycle club Satudarah throughout the Netherlands. According to the court, the continued existence of Satudarah constitutes a threat to public order and the immediate disbandment of the motorcycle club is therefore necessary, NU.nl reports.

Two Satudarah support clubs, called Saudarah and Supportcrew 999, were also banned by the court. The third support club Yellow Snakes can continue to exist, because the court did not find it conclusively proven that this club is part of Satudarah. 

During the trial, the Public Prosecutor argued that any citizen of the Netherlands can inadvertently become involved in Satudarah's expressions of violence. "It is not a panacea, and we will still have to continue to act in a criminally and administratively [against the club], but it can help", the Prosecutor said about banning the club. "We can put an end to the situation that symbols of Satudarah cause intimidation."

The court agreed with the Prosecutor. "In the court's view, the combination of numerous offenses with the culture of violence makes the operation of Satudarah contrary to public order", the judge said, according to the newspaper. Satudarah values and rewards its members' criminal behavior, and the club could disrupt society, according to the court.

Satudarah's lawyer Erik Thomas argued in the trial that it is an illusion that banning Satudarah makes any sense. "A ban on the club does not immediately make its members darlings", the lawyer said. According to him, this case belongs in criminal court, not civil. The Public Prosecutor responded that there are currently "dozens" of ongoing criminal investigations against Satudarah members.

The Public Prosecutor is pleased with the court's ruling, which is in line with what the Prosecutor demanded. Satudarah's lawyer told NU.nl that he is disappointed by the ruling. He will study the ruling carefully, but expects that the club will appeal.

This is the second success for the Public Prosecutor in its fight against so-called Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the Netherlands. Late last year the court also banned Bandidos MC. The club appealed. The Prosecutor is also working on banning the Hells Angels, and it is expected that a similar case will be filed against No Surrender in the near future.