Transavia flight makes emergency landing over stinky passenger

Transavia airplanes (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pieter van Marion). (Transavia airplanes (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Pieter van Marion))

A Transavia flight from Gran Canaria to Schiphol had to make an emergency landing in Faro, Portugal on Tuesday night due to a stinky passenger. The stench was so bad that people became unwell, passengers said, according to RTL Nieuws.

The plane took off according to schedule, but once in the air the stench was so bad that the other passengers could no longer bear it. "The smell made me think that the man hadn't washed for weeks", one passenger said to VRT Nieuws. "Several passengers got sick and even had to throw up." The atmosphere became so tense that the man was sent to wait in the toilet for a bit, the passenger said. "No one could handle the stench. Everyone tried to cover their nose."

Due to the smell, the cabin crew decided stopped serving food and drinks. Eventually the pilots decided to make an emergency landing in Faro. The smelly passenger was taken away by ambulance, according to RTL. The flight to Amsterdam continued, where it arrived three hours later than planned.