Monthly costs of electric cars lower than diesel in Netherlands

Electric car Charger in Amsterdam Ludovic Hirlimann/Wikimedia Commons

The monthly costs of driving an electric car is now cheaper in the Netherlands than diesel cars, according to lease company LeasePlan's annual Car Cost Index. Norway is the only country in Europe where driving electric is cheaper than driving in both petrol or diesel cars, AD reports.

The Car Cost Index covers 21 countries and analyzes the costs involved in owning a small or medium sized car. The total cost of ownership includes things like fuel, depreciation, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

In the Netherlands driving an electric car costs around 829 euros per month. That is cheaper than the costs for a diesel car at 861 euros per month, but till more expensive than te 758 euros per month it costs to own and use a petrol car in the country.

In Norway electric driving costs 670 euros per month, petrol costs 731 euros and diesel 722 euros. The differences in costs are also rapidly decreasing in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

"The good news is that drivers can now also opt for an electric car from a cost perspective", Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan, said, according to the newspaper. "The costs of electric transport are more competitive and increasingly attractive. But not yet in all countries. The Car Cost Index reveals that policy makers must continue to take action on key issues like taxes and the availability of charging stations in order to provide a sound transport alternative throughout Europe."