Shots fired at two Delft coffeeshops

Police lights (Photo: Politie)Police lights (Photo: Politie)

Shots were fired at two coffeeshops in Delft early on Thursday morning. The shooters targeted coffeeshop The Future on Peperstraat - which was also shot at last week - and coffeeshop The Game on Breestraat, around the corner, AD reports. 

The police responded to reports of loud bangs heard on Peperstraat around 5:15 a.m. Multiple bullet holes were found in the windows of The Future and Kobi's Grill. Dozens of holes can also be seen in an adjacent apartment building, according to the newspaper.

Around the corner on Breestraat, a massive hole was found in the facade of coffeeshop The Game. The police are investigating whether an explosive was used here. No one was injured, a police spokesperson said to the newspaper.

According to AD, both coffeeshops belong to the same owner. They were targeted because they are being extorted by motorcycle gangs from Rotterdam, bystanders told the newspaper. There are concerns that the gangs want to get a foothold in Delft, after their base of operations were closed in Rotterdam and Vlaardingen following a number of violent incidents and the discovery of weapons and drugs.