Most Dutch TV, internet providers to increase prices

Internet, television and calling will be more expensive for many Dutch from July. Nearly all Dutch providers of these services are implementing price increases, according to comparison site Pricewise.

Ziggo is implementing an average price increase of 1.65 euros per month. According to Ziggo, the price increase is necessary for further investments in the network, in order to process the considerably increased data consumption.

KPN's price increase will average between 2.50 and 3.50 euros per month. This increase is also for further investments. Though KPN is also increasing its internet speed.

XS4All is increasing its price for its Internet Basic and Pro subscriptions by 2.50 euros, without changing its speeds. Compact, Smart, and Plus subscriptions will cost 3.50 euros more, but come with a speed increase of 25 percent. 

T-Mobile is the only provider that isn't increasing its prices, according to Pricewise.