Rotterdam man caught selling hacked PayPal accounts


A 28-year-old man from Rotterdam was arrested on Monday on suspicion of having and selling hacked PayPal accounts, the police said in a statement on Wednesday.

The police got wind of this man after dismantling the Hansa Market - one of the largest illegal marketplaces on the Dark Web - in June last year. The dismantling of this marketplace gave the police's High Tech Crime team insight into a number of sellers and buyers,  not only in hard drugs but also other items. 

One of these sellers was the Rotterdam man. He sold hacked PayPal accounts, not only on the Hansa Market, but also on other illegal markets like Dream Market. For a small fee, people bought data from hacked accounts from him, according to the police. 

The suspect was arrested in a home on Adrianastraat in Rotterdam on Monday. He is in custody for further investigation. The Rotterdam man is suspected of, among other things, having and selling data that can be used for computer trespassing.