Court bans autistic girl from Limburg school

High school classroom
High school classroom. (Photo: HaMinh1997 / Wikimedia Commons)

An 18-year-old autistic girl is no longer allowed to enter the school grounds or -building of Rombouts College in Brunssum, Limburg. If she does show up at the school, she will be fined 100 euros each time, to a maximum of 10 thousand euros, the court in Maastricht ruled on Wednesday, De Limburger reports.

School organization LVO, which covers Rombouts, filed the lawsuit against the girl and her parents after a number of incidents. "It is an accumulation of things. While she's already been de-registered, she keeps coming to school, goes to class and refuses to leave", Rombouts director Peter Paul-Truijen said to the newspaper. This conflict between the school and the autistic girl has been going on for some six years, according to the newspaper.

The girl - who would have started exams next week - and her parents feel that the school can't kick her out so shortly before the final exams. 

The court ruled that the interests of the school and the other students about to start their exams outweigh that of this one girl. The girl is banned from entering the school or making contact with Rombouts employees. The girl's parents also have to pay the costs LVO incurred for this lawsuit - nearly 1,700 euros, according to the newspaper.