Mother called for help days before jumping from Utrecht flat: neighbors

Ambulance. (Photo: Politie)

A woman who j in Overvecht on Thursday night, called for help through that same window on Sunday, neighbors told the Telegraaf.

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. at an apartment building on Othellodreef, near Utrecht Overvecht station. Both mother and child survived, but their current condition is unknown.

Several local residents told the Telegraaf that they heard the woman shout for help from the window on Sunday. "She called for help in English. Neighbors talked to her and tried to calm her down. The police came and went inside with her", a neighbor said.

Randy, the family's next door neighbor, heard yelling on Thursday and immediately went outside to look. "I do not know why it happened, but she sat on the edge and jumped down with her child. We could hear her screaming", he said to the newspaper. "I heard that the baby is okay. A broken wrist, I believe."

A woman living across the hall did not want to comment to the Telegraaf. "It's bad enough if you come to such an act."

Another neighbor called it an "incredibly sad event", according to the newspaper. "They are quiet people and they always look neat", he said. "You never heard them, except when they said hello." According to the neighbor, they're a Portuguese family. He did not talk much with the woman, because he does not speak English. "It is very sad and we sympathize with the family as neighbors."