ProRail closes village rail crossing after fatal accident

ProRail is closing an unguarded rail crossing on Tuunterweg near the village of Aalten to cars after a fatal accident on the crossing on Wednesday night. A 19-year-old motorist from Aalten was killed when his car was hit by an Arriva train, Omroep Gelderland reports.

The car was hit by an Arriva train traveling between Arnhem and Winterswijk on the unguarded crossing. The police are investigating how this accident happened.

A spokesperson for rail manager ProRail told the broadcaster that this unguarded crossing was already on its list to be tackled, but that will now happen immediately. The crossing will be equipped with barriers, bells warning of approaching trains, and Tuunterweg will be closed with poles so that cars can no longer drive over the crossing.

The Tuunterweg crossing has no active supervision. According to the ProRail spokesperson, such unguarded crossings "are no longer of this time and ProRail is tackling them all over the country."